Best Locations In Mexico

La Ventana, in Baja, Mexico: one of the best locations in Mexico for a fun-filled holiday!

Those of you, who are planning to go on a trip to Mexico, should visit Ventana Bay Resort in Baja Mexico. Ventana Bay Resort is a beautiful,  new  eco friendly resort in La Ventana, Baja,  Mexico, and is perfect for having a fun-filled and memorable holiday experience.

Ventana Bay Resort specializes in complete, kiteboarding, windsurfing and sports packages for beginners to experts. Here you would get the latest windsurfing and kiteboarding equipment to experience the unparalleled thrill and excitement that these sports offer. For those who are not keen on wind sports, Ventana Bay Resort offers a sports package with stand on top paddleboards, mountain biking, snorkeling and kayaking equipment as well. For the adventure seekers and active travellors,  Ventana Bay Resort is the ultimate place to visit!

Ventana Bay Resort offers a choice of accommodations, from beachfront rooms to private bungalows nestled in the beautiful desert landscape. The on-site restaurant serves delicious and healthy meals. You can keep to yourself on your private patio or join other guests for a cocktail at the clubhouse overlooking the bay.

Ventana Bay resort is an eco-friendly resort where the fun is wind powered and the Resort is fully solar powered by the sun.

So log on to and make your bookings in one of the best resorts in La Ventana, Mexico. You will be glad you did it