Kiteboarding vacation package

Take Kiteboarding vacation package: get an experience of a lifetime!

Kiteboarding is a fantastic sport of real fun and excitement. It lets kiteboarders set themselves free while  riding accross water for experiencing a real  adrenaline rush. One gets to experience the absolute sense of freedom while skimming over the water. As well as being truly exhilarating, this sport is a wonderful means for self-discovery. Kiteboarding lessons help you discover yourself and your hidden capabilities and limits. Plus, you get an opportunity to escape into nature, to be out on the ocean with just nature and seascape as you ride over the water.

The best part about this sport is that it’s meant for people of all ages. Kiteboarding is a sport for almost everyone since all it requires is a moderate fitness and some kiteboarding lessons to get going. But you can also take kiteboarding to higher levels by advancing to more extreme conditions depending on your goals.

Those of you, who are interested in indulging in this adventure sport and wish to experience the thrill and excitement offered by it, should visit La Ventana in Baja California, Mexico. Ventana Bay is the perfect destination for kiteboarding. The region is blessed with consistent winds that blow during the winter months, Nov thru March. The winter winds which are called El Nortes (northerly fronts) combine with the local thermal winds allowing for kiteboarding and windsurfing almost every day. With the pristine waters of Ventana Bay you can view hundreds of multi-colored fishes swimming and swirling under the water, and dolphin pods, right off the beach or while snorkeling or kiteboarding.

Ventana Bay Resort is a full service hotel offering rooms, restaurant, bar and kite school and is located on the top end of Ventana Bay away from the crowds. Ventana Bay Resort offers great kiteboarding, windsurfing, scuba diving and sports packages. The kiteboarding vacation packages come complete with the latest, high quality kiteboarding equipment, choice of accommodations, from beachfront rooms to private bungalows nestled in the beautiful desert landscape, and include delicious breakfasts and lunches served in a open-air clubhouse that overlooks the ocean.

For those of you who are not well-versed with this adventure sport or are new to it, there are IKO certified kiteboard instructors to get you riding quickly and safely on the turquoise waters of Ventana Bay. For those who are not yet hooked on wind sports, the resort offers sports package with mountain biking, SUPs, snorkeling and kayaking equipment as well.

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