Frequently Asked Questions






La Paz

General :

Do I need to bring cash, or can I use credit cards?
The Resort does take credit cards, but some restaurants and stores in the area do not so bring Mexican Pesos or U.S. dollars. There is an ATM in the area and a number of them in La Paz. The best exchange rate on travelers’ checks can be found at the banks in La Paz and they are not easily exchanged in our area.

Kiteboarding/Windsurfing :

1. What are the wind conditions?

The winds at our location blow side-shore. They usually begin around 10:00 and blow until 5:0Average wind speed is between 15 – 25 knots, as it blows almost every day in the winter season from November through April.

2.  What are the water conditions?

Water temperatures start out in November in the mid-80s and drop down to low-70s in January. Water conditions range from flat water to big swells, depending on the wind

speed and type of wind. The thermal winds are generally flat water to chop and frontal winds bring bigger swells.

3.  What size of kites do I need to bring?

You should bring between 8 mt and 14 mt, depending on your size to cover all wind conditions.

4.  What kind of kite equipment does Ventana Bay Resort offer?

Equipment available in our packages is all brand new and of the best quality. We use North Kites and North Kite boards. We also have custom surfboards from Open Ocean available in various sizes.

5.  What if I need kite lessons?

Ventana Bay Resort offers Kite instruction for every level. Please contact the kite instructor prior to arrival to arrange lessons.

6.  What if I have a problem and cannot re-launch the kite on the water? Or if I don’t know how to ride back? Will I have to swim?

The Resort has a wave runner that can come rescue you if you have a breakdown or the wind dies off. The winds blow side-shore to the beach, and there is a big beach downwind of you as well if you have to self-rescue.

7.  Do I need to be at a certain level or have a certificate to take the kite equipment package?

Yes, you should be able to ride with a skill level to go upwind, have taken all safety kiteboarding lessons and be able to set up, launch, land and self-rescue.

8.  Does the resort offer daily or hourly rentals?

No, the Resort offers weekly packages only space-available. Because of the short season in Baja and the high cost of kite equipment, in order to provide the best-quality equipment, we have to base our rates on a minimum weekly rate. Of course we understand that you may damage your kite during your stay, and we would do our best to get your equipment repaired as fast as possible. If there is equipment available, we would accommodate you so that you don’t miss any time on the water while your kite is down.

9.  How much does it cost?

The kiteboarding package prices are listed here (link to rates)


1.  Do I need a car while I am there?

No, it is not necessary to rent a car, as you can eat most of your meals at the Resort and the kiteboarding launch is directly in front. However, because of the high cost of airport taxis for small groups of two to four people, sometimes a rent-a-car is less or similar in cost and handy to have, if you wish to do some sightseeing.

2.  Where is Ventana Bay Resort?

We are located on the south eastern tip of the Baja California (Mexico) peninsula. The Resort is located approximately 45 minutes southeast of La Paz on the edge of La Ventana Bay. Following the highway to the village of El Sargento, the Resort is located one mile past (north) the village of El Sargento.

3.  What is the local village like?

The closest village is El Sargento, which has about 600 inhabitants. The village is truly Mexican; complete with dusty roads, friendly people and a roaming herd of cows. The town has few services, a few small grocery stores, a building supply store, a Laundromat and a Tortillaria. Most of the major shopping and banking is done in La Paz. The night life is quiet and the days are lazy.

4.  Driving directions from La Paz airport

As you are leaving from La Paz airport you turn right and follow the airport access road out to the main highway and turn right to take the highway into La Paz. When you come to the big whale tale monument stay to the right and keep going to the first intersection with a 4 way stop sign. Here you turn right and follow this road about a mile or 2 until you come to an intersection with a traffic light. This is the main highway south to Cabo San Lucas. Turn left here and go about 1/2 mile to the next traffic light. Turn right here go about 2 miles until you come to an intersection with a 4 way stop, this is the road to La Planes and La Ventana. Turn right here and just keep going up over a mountain and down into a big valley. After you go over the mountain you get to the bottom of the big downgrade watch for a paved road to your left, there will be signs to La Ventana, the turn is about 20 minutes once you leave La Paz to the La Ventana turn off. If you miss the turn you will end up in Los Planes about 2 miles down the road, just turn around and go back, but there is only one paved road off on the left. Once you are on the La Ventana road you drive about 10 minutes and you will be in La Ventana, keep going through La Ventana for about another 3 miles and you will come to El Sargento, the pavement ends here, you keep going straight one block and then take the first left, go one more short block and take the next right, follow the dirt road out of town for about 1/2 mile and you will come to our multi-colored gates, and you will see a lot of buildings with domed roofs. Come in the gate and down to the clubhouse near the beach.

5.  Driving directions from Cabo San Lucas.

Los Cabos Airport to Los Barriles drive north for 45 minutes, 41 miles / 66 km, Highway 1 North, paved 2 lane Los Barriles to San Antonio keep heading north for 45 minutes, 29 miles / 46 km, Highway 1 North, paved 2 lane . Disregard any signs telling you to turn left off the main highway to San Antonio, stay on the main highway until you see a gas station on your left. San Antonio to La Ventana As you come into San Antonio watch for the turn about 100 yards after the gas station and turn right, stay on the paved road heading east to Los Planes for 15 minutes, 14 miles newly paved road.. Turn left when you get to the end of the San Antonio road and go about 2 miles and turn right on the highway to La Ventana. Follow this road to La Ventana and go through La Ventana, and continue north until you get to the small village of El Sargento. The pavement ends here and the dirt road starts, go one block and follow the road left and then a quick right and you will be heading north and leaving the town of El Sargento. El Sargento to Ventana Bay Resort 0.5 mile / 1 km, on dirt 2 lane road, The entrance to VBR is gated, multi-colored metal gates with windsurf sails and dolphins on it. Come through the gate down to the office and check into your room. Watch for cows and speed bumps on all roads.

6.  How do I get from the airport to VBR?

You can fly to either the La Paz or the Los Cabos International Airport. Currently Alaska Airlines, American West, Continental, American Airlines, and many other airlines fly into the Los Cabos airport. Horizon Airlines flies into La Paz airport. This is more convenient once you arrive because the driving time to the resort is only 50 minutes whereas the drive time from Los Cabos to the VBR is approx to 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is a very scenic drive, however, and it’s worth the trip!

Although not necessary, renting a car will be your most convenient option. The relatively remote location of the resort offers privacy and ensures relaxation, but if you would like to sightsee or shop in the bigger cities, a car is a must.

A shuttle, usually an econoline van, or a taxi can be taken from the La Paz airport to and from the resort. Prices vary depending on the number of people. The general rate is $80 USD for a one way trip from La Paz and $175 one way from Los Cabos. You can reserve a taxi ahead of time to meet you and take you to the resort and usually get a better rate.

Lodging/Restaurants :

1. As for restaurant meals, what type of food is available, and what’s the price range?

Our restaurant offers healthy meals served during set hours. The breakfasts and lunches vary from day to day. Dinners are served five or six nights a week with a set menu. A typical dinner would be carrot ginger soup, Caesar salad, a main course of fresh fish prepared on the BBQ with rice and veggies and a wasabi sauce, a dessert of papaya pie with ice cream, and coffee or tea. The average cost for this four-course meal would be $24. If you have any special diet requests, the chef can prepare a meal for your diet with some prior notice.

2. Are there other restaurants in the area?

Yes, there are several simple restaurants in the area, and the food is usually fresh and well prepared with reasonable prices.

The local restaurants can get busy during the winter season, so long waits can be a problem unless you go early (say, 6:00 p.m.) or later (8:30 p.m.). But they do close early, so don’t go too late. We have a list of restaurants with directions on the room in your hotel information sheet.

There’s no night life in Ventana area, but you can find it in La Paz, 40 minutes away.

3. What will my room look like?

Ventana Bay Resorts offers private bungalows nestled in the desert with great views of the bay, and beachfront rooms right on the beach. All rooms have private bathrooms. Each room is handcrafted with Mexican tiles and distinct cultural art pieces. The bungalows have minifridges, wireless internet, safes for your passport, outside patios with lounge chairs and hammocks, dome brick ceilings that keep the rooms ventilated and bright

Weather :

1. What is the weather like?

There is a lot of sun! However during the winter months (Nov. to April) the days are warm but the nights can be quite cool. The average daily temperatures range from 80 degrees Fahrenheit (F) during the day to 60 degrees F during the night. Since we are completely in the desert, the nights can be downright chilly so bring a fleece pullover or a light jacket for the winter nights.

If you’re going to be spending some time in the water, bring a “shorty” AND a light steamer wetsuit. For scuba diving bring a full suit.