Kite School

Learn to Kiteboard in La Ventana

La Ventana with consistent , steady winds, wide beachs and a big bay make it is a great place to learn to kiteboard.  We offer private Seadoo assisted and radio helmet lessons. We do all levels of lessons as well as Foilboarding lessons. Marty has 10 seasons of international teaching experience and will get you where you want to be!

For more info email or call/msg 612 177 7109

  • Hourly Lessons

Most of our time is booked with 3 and 2 day lessons packs, but we do offer hourly lessons. If you have done lessons elsewhere and would like to continue with that, we can help. Or if you think 1 day is all you need to be rocking then we will do our best to make it happen.

  • 2-day pack

Our 2 day lesson package is best for people with a bit of previous experience. If you are a sailor, windsurfer, any sort of boarder, have some previous kiting experience, or just generally athletic, this is the package for you! We spend a bit less time with our ground lessons on the first day and get out on the water a bit earlier for you active folks. There will be less time spent with individual skills, so we can cover more of the aspects of riding. We send you away with more techniques to practice on your own!
Once on the water the lessons will be 1 on 1 so your instructor can focus full attention on you. If you are serious about kiteboarding, this is the way to learn!

  • 3-day pack

Our 3 day pack is the most popular! We recommend this package for anyone who is completely new to kiteboarding, or someone who wants to get upwind as fast as possible. 3 days of private one on one instruction will get just about anybody riding. We spend more time on ground lessons and kite theory to build skills before heading out on the water. Once on the water we will concentrate on mastering individual skills before advancing to new ones. As you progress we will start putting all of the aspects together and before you know it will be riding! Everybody learns at a different rate so we don’t know where exactly you will be at the end of your lessons. We can promise that you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently and safely set up your gear as well as enter the water alone so you can get out and practice on your own! You will be well on your way to independent riding!

  • Foilboarding Lessons

Foilboarding is exploding and it is a great way to take advantage of light winds as well as a fantastic, high speed touring toy. We offer foilboard lessons to advanced riders. Must have instructor approval for Foilboard lessons.

  • Group Lessons

We recommend Private Lesson if riding soon is your goal. We do offer group lesson if you and a few friends would like to give kiting a go and see if it something you would like to continue with. Or you might just be a great parent/boss that like to keep the kids/employees happy!

  • Advanced Lessons

Can’t quite stick your back roll?
Trying to get your turns and transitions?
Want more hang time?
Trouble riding strapless?
Looking to stomp that big kiteloop?

Our instructors are all skilled riders and can help you get to that next level.

During your lesson will cover the aspects of:

Weather Patterns – High and low pressure systems, thermal and frontal wind, wind direction, cloud formations and reading the wind from natural indicators.

2 line foil trainer kite – Setup, flying and wind window theory.

Inflatable 4 line kite – Setup, triple redundant safety system usage, and piloting.

The Wind Window – Clock position references, Neutral zone, and Power zone.

Self rescue – Flagging the kite, proper line wrapping, getting back to shore, and common mistakes.

Gear repair – Spotting and fixing common issues with gear.

How to carry a kite – The safest and easiest way.

Maintaining equipment – Keeping your toys in great shape and extending their life.

Buying gear – How to pick the right gear for you and how to spot quality used gear.

Line management – Common knots used for kiting and line care.

Once you demonstrate proper control and care while flying your kite we can head out on the water and go over:

Kite tuning – How to get your kite flying just right for you and for the conditions.

Advanced piloting – Some new techniques to gain more power from your kite.

Body dragging – Using your body as a rudder and actually going upwind with it.

Launching and Landing Safely – A very important skill for any kiteboarder.

Board Retrieval – Using your body dragging skills to get back to your board.

Water Start – Pulling it all together to get out of the water and riding.

Kite re-launch – Everybody crashes their kite. We will help you get it back up quickly.

Spot analysis – Finding potential danger, launch/land location and wind direction.

Riding upwind – The holy grail for a kiteboarding student. Once you can stay upwind you can go out on your own!



VBR Kiteboarding provides safe, high quality kiteboarding instruction by experienced IKO qualified instructors. Our equipment is the latest from North and Ocean Rodeo.

We teach on a big sandy uncrowded beach in the crystal clear waters. We provide you with all the protective wear and all the equipment you need to learn kiteboarding.

Depending on the wind lessons are from 10:00 until 17:00. Of course, we can adapt these times to the wind and at your convenience.