Wing foiling lessons 

Winging lessons start with introductory ground training. After that we will hit the water!

We teach according to IWO program. We will cover 

1 - Terminology

2 - Setup, secure and pack down

3 - Handling the wing on beach

4 - Enter/exit the water

5 - Self-rescue

6 - ROW rules

7 - Ride on knees

8 - Ride standing

9 - Pumping/getting on the hydrofoil

10 - Ride upwind/downwind

11 - Foot change

12 - Jibes

13 - Tacks

14 - Catching swell

"I got this" Program

If you have a lot of related sports experience and think you may be able to figure this out on your own then we have the program for you. You will take your intro ground lesson then after that you get a full day gear rental. Learning to wing is much safer than learning to kiteboard so as long as you are ok with carrying the board back up the beach then you can have at er! 

$275 for intro lesson and day gear rental